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To register for a visit, select the appropriate counselor based on your program of interest and review their calendar. When you register, you may indicate your preference between an in-person meeting or virtual visit by Zoom. For in-person visits, please reference the latest masking requirements and COVID restrictions.

Meet with an admissions counselor to:

  • learn how you can advance your nursing or health care career and which program is right for you,
  • ask questions about your program of interest,
  • or review deadlines, required materials and application process.


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Accelerated Bachelor's Programs for Non-Nurses (12-Month and 24-Month)

Accelerated Master's Program for Non-Nurses

Dual Degree in Nursing Program


RN-BS and RN-BS-MS Programs

Leadership in Health Care Systems Program (MS, Adv. Certificate)

Clinical Nurse Leader Program (MS, Adv. Certificate)

Nursing Education Program (MS, Adv. Certificate)

Cesar Nuñez
Assistant Director, Admissions & Enrollment Management

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Maria Sepulveda

Nurse Practitioner Programs (MS, Adv. Certificate, DNP)

Doctor of Nursing Practice Programs (Post-BS-DNP, DNP)

PhD in Nursing & Health Science (MS-PhD, PhD)

Maria Sepúlveda
Assistant Director, Admissions & Enrollment Management

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Non-Matriculated Courses

Online Prerequisite Courses

Legal Nurse Consultant Course

RN First Assistant Program

Care Management Education Program


Nadine Taylor
Center for Lifelong Learning

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Financial Aid 

Victoria DiStefano
Financial Aid Counselor
Phone: (585) 275-3226

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