employee wellness

Employee Health and Wellness

With more than half of all adults in America living with at least one chronic disease, and health care costs continuing to rise, organizations across the country are realizing that wellness programs delivered in the workplace are an effective way to improve their employees’ health.

In 2012, the UR School of Nursing developed a comprehensive employee wellness program – under the Center for Employee Wellness – to help the University of Rochester foster a healthier workforce for its 20,000-plus employees.

This new approach to employee wellness — one that is evidence-based, practical, and measurable – has since expanded to serve other organizations in the community, including Thompson Health. The program now serves a total of 32,000 lives across seven counties in New York, and has conducted wellness clinics in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

The program features:

  • Biometric screenings provided by registered nurses at the workplace
  • An online personal health assessment
  • One-on-one condition management programs with registered nurses to give individuals the skills to manage their disease effectively
  • Lifestyle management programs (one-on-one and group sessions) for individuals who want to lose weight, reduce stress, manage blood pressure, become more active, manage cholesterol, stop smoking, or build a healthy lifestyle

Organizations also receive data and reporting from the Center for Employee Wellness team on the outcomes of program interventions. This includes success rates, impact over time, employee satisfaction, and rate of lifestyle/condition management program completion. Across organizations, the program has had measurable impact on helping individuals sustain healthy behavior changes in such areas as smoking cessation, nutrition, physical activity, weight loss, and medication adherence.

To learn more about the program, visit the Center for Employee Wellness website.