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NUR 410-1 - Advanced Health Assessment

NUR 410-1 - Advanced Health Assessment

4 credits ( 2 didactic hours / 2 lab hours )

  • Masters - Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner - 4.0 credits ( 2.0 didactic hours / 2.0 lab hours )
  • Masters - Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner - 4.0 credits ( 2.0 didactic hours / 2.0 lab hours )


This graduate level course provides the theoretical and clinical foundation for advanced comprehensive assessment of the health status of individuals and families. Building on undergraduate preparation, principles of complex interviewing and history-taking, diagnostic reasoning, and advanced physical, psychosocial, cultural, developmental, and environmental assessment are presented. From a functional and developmental base, the course will emphasize techniques for discrimination and analysis of common abnormal findings, the process of differential diagnosis, and methods for presentation of findings. Theoretical contexts of health promotion will be discussed and applied to clinical findings. This course will include comprehensive laboratory modules for specialty skill instruction. Undergraduate health assessment within past 5 years required. PNP students take the Well-Child version of this course for 5 credits. FNP students take the "lifespan" version of this course which is 6 credits. All other specialties take the course for 4 credits.

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