Doctoral Student Forum

Students' rights and responsibilities are established in the Constitution and by-laws of the University Graduate Student Organization (GSO). The purpose of the organization is to provide a government for graduate students, and all full-time and part-time matriculated graduate students enrolled in the School of Nursing. The Doctoral Student Forum was formed by doctoral students in the School of Nursing who wanted an organization tailored to their specific needs.

The functions of the Doctoral Student Forum are to:

  • Provide representation for doctoral nursing students to the Graduate Student Organization, the University Council on Graduate Studies, and to School of Nursing standing committees.

  • Facilitate an exchange of ideas and information among doctoral students.

  • Coordinate and facilitate interchange between doctoral students and faculty, including guests and faculty from outside the School of Nursing.

Each Fall the Doctoral Student Organization is asked to provide names of students who will agree to serve as student representatives on the regular committees within the School of Nursing. They are:

  • Curriculum Committee

  • Research Committee

  • Doctoral Committee

  • Student Affairs Committee