Gamji Rabiu Abu’Ba-are is a trained global health and behavioral scientist, urban planner, interdisciplinarian, and health geographer. His research broadly focuses on the of use social epidemiology, implementation science, and community participatory approaches to understanding ways to optimize HIV/STI prevention and treatment outcomes among adolescents and young adults (AYA) within the context of locational and socio-cultural settings such as stigmatizing environments, settlement types (e.g., informal/underserved/migrant communities), demographics (e.g., sexual orientation, race, poverty, education, religion). His secondary research focuses on access to nutritious food among underserved communities. His community participatory approach reflects his belief that health planning and intervention design and implementation need to employ a bottom-up approach where scholars engage intended beneficiaries from the conceptualization stages of research, intervention design, implementation, and dissemination of research findings.

Abu-Ba'are's approach typically involves using the ADAPT-IT framework in designing and implementing studies in two phases/aims.

  1. Understand the experiences of intersectional stigma, social vulnerability, and their impact on HIV/STI risk and access to HIV/STI prevention and care services among adolescents and young adults (AYA).
  2. Test the efficacy of community acceptable interventions to promote the reduction in intersectional stigma and HIV/STI incidence among AYA, with a particular focus on same-gender sex, transactional sex, substance use, and Healthcare facilities in socially vulnerable communities in the United States, West Africa, and African migrant sex work communities in European countries.

Current Focus

I am currently focused on three research inquiries:

  1. assessing community acceptable ways to reduce intersectional stigma, reduce HIV/STI risk factors, increase HIV self-testing, and increase linkage to care among AYA men engaged in same-gender sex in resource-limited settings in West Africa.
  2. Locally, understanding ways to reduce intersectional stigma and HIV/STI risk factors among AYA with a history of substance use in the upstate New York area.
  3. In Europe, engaging with migrant sex workers who migrated by road from West Africa through North Africa to Italy and Spain to understand their HIV/STI risk factors, experiences of intersectional stigma, and navigation of the health care system throughout their journey and to device strategies to address their HIV/STI risk factors and health care needs across borders.

Professional Experience
Assistant Professor, University of Rochester School of Nursing, Rochester, NY. 2022 - Current

Assistant Professor (joint), University of Rochester School of Public Health Sciences, Rochester, NY. 2020 - Current

Inaugural Harriet J. Kitzman Endowed Fellow in Global Research
University of Rochester School of Nursing, 2022

Graduate Student Excellence in Service/Outreach
Binghampton University, 2019

PhD. Tuition Scholarship
Binghampton University College of Community and Public Affairs, 2019

PhD. Tuition Scholarship
Binghampton University College of Community and Public Affairs, 2018

PhD. Tuition Scholarship
Binghampton University College of Community and Public Affairs, 2017

Masters Tuition Scholarship
Binghampton University Geography Department, 2016

1st Place Position, Student Paper Competition Race, Ethnicity, and Place Conference
Kent State University, 2016

Partial Masters Tuition Scholarship
Binghampton University Geography Department, 2015

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Formative research to adapt a community-based HIV self-testing education and promotion (STEP) intervention for men who have sex with men (MSM) living in slum settlements in Ghana
National Institute of Mental Health Grant/Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS 
None/2021 - Current
Role: Principal Investigator

Assessing community acceptable alternative in meeting transportation needs of a low-income area in Binghamton, NY.
Town and Gown Board, Binghamton 
None/2018 - Current
Role: Principal Investigator

Understanding the role of neighborhoods on substance use and mental health among Urban Youth: A community-based substance use prevention project
NIH Director's Early Independence Award 
None/2022 - None/2025
Role: Co-Investigator
PI: Opara, I.