Professional Experience
Pediatric NP, University of Rochester (Palliative care), Rochester, NY, US. 2/2010 - Current

Assistant Professor, University of Rochester (Nursing), Rochester, NY, US. 5/2002 - Current

PNP, University of Rochester (Neurosurgery), Rochester, NY, US. 8/2001 - 9/2009

RN, University of Rochester (PICU), Rochester, NY, US. 9/1981 - 5/1996

RN, USPHS-IHS (Pediatrics), Gallup Phoenix, NM, US. 9/1979 - 5/1981

Prenatal Palliative Care
Harriet Davis teaching day, Harriet Davis Teaching day, 2012
Rochester, New York

End of life care for a Nepali child
Schwartz Rounds, University of Rochester SMH Division of Bioethics and Humanities, 2012
Rochester, New York

Ethics in Action
Preceptor workshop, SON, 2012
Rochester, New York

Palliative care across the age continuum
Regional meeting, SigmaTheta Tau, 2012
Rochester, New York

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