Mitchell Wharton is an associate professor of clinical nursing and is the associate dean for equity and inclusion. Within the School of Nursing they teach in the Master’s Nurse Practitioner programs, serve as a faculty advisor for the student-led Leading with Integrity For Tomorrow (LIFT) program, and is an active member of the Interdisciplinary Sexual Health and HIV Research (INSHHR) group. A 2015 recipient of the School of Nursing’s Outstanding Scholarly Practitioner Award, Wharton maintains an active clinical practice in the Center for Perioperative Medicine at Strong Memorial Hospital and serves as the president-elect for the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC).

Wharton’s research scholarship focuses on identifying asset based-modalities of HIV prevention and health maintenance in marginalized populations by examining the intersectionalities of age, race, sexual identity and behaviors, and human rights. They have received a Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) pilot award to examine the sexual oriented engagements with multiple networked technologies among young Black men who have sex with men.

Wharton earned a BSN and MSN from Widener University, and a PhD from the University of Rochester. They completed a post-doctoral fellowship in HIV Epidemiology and Prevention Sciences at The Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Professional Experience
Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing, University of Rochester School of Nursing, Rochester, NY, US. 2/2021 - Current

Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing, University of Rochester, School of Nursing, Rochester, NY, US. 7/2013 - 1/2021

Leadership Education in Adolescent Health (LEAH) Fellow, University of Rochester, Department of Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine Division (Adolescent Health), Rochester, NY, . 2004 - 2005

Mary Dombeck Diversity Enhancement Faculty Award
University of Rochester, School of Nursing, 2020

Dr. Mark A. Colomb Emerging Young Leader Award
2014 National African American MSM Leadership Conference on HIV/AIDS and Other Health Disparities, 2014

Outstanding Dissertation Award
Sigma Theta Tau International, Epsilon Xi Chapter, 2014

MOCHA Center Research Award
The MOCHA Center, 2012

Katherine M. Donohoe Scholarly Nurse Practitioner Award
University of Rochester, School of Nursing, 2011

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