Room Technology

SON ITS is responsible for maintaining classroom and conference room technology in Helen Wood Hall.

Supported Spaces and Capabilities

At Lectern At Wall/Table
Computer VGA HDMI VGA HDMI Can Split Displays?
1w216 Computer Lab
Jacoby Boardroom N/A ✅ (with laptop)
1w304 Auditorium ✅ (with laptop)
1w5xx Classrooms ✅ (with laptop)
2w153 Jean Johnson Room N/A ✅ (with laptop)
2w213 N/A ✅ (adapter) ✅ (with laptop)
2w216 N/A ✅ (adapter) ✅ (with laptop)
3w301 Brody Conference Room Planned for FY18
4w134 Lysaught Conference Room
4w209 Planned for FY2018
4w301 Planned for FY18

Display Splitting

Computers that have the capability to split their display can be used for PowerPoint's Presentation mode, which shows speaker notes and a timer on the lectern (or laptop) screen while the projected version only shows the main content window. This is enabled by pressing the Windows logo key (between Ctrl and Alt on the bottom left side of the keyboard) and P, and then choosing "Extend Desktop".