Why Choose the UR School of Nursing for your Postdoc?

The two-year postdoctoral fellowship from the University of Rochester School of Nursing is an immersive training program for highly promising researchers with at least one degree in nursing.

As a fellow, you will have the opportunity to work collaboratively on cutting-edge research and to develop your own program of research. You will be mentored as you gain experience and support developing research proposals, presenting research findings, co-authoring papers, teaching, etc. in preparation for a research career.

The School of Nursing is internationally recognized for the research prowess of our faculty and the unparalleled resources and research facilities of the University of Rochester Medical Center. As a postdoctoral fellow at the UR School of Nursing, you’ll have access to the many resources an academic medical center offers, as well as receive ongoing support and guidance from faculty mentors with specialized expertise in your area.

Graduates of our Postdoctoral Fellowship Program have been successful in obtaining positions in research intensive environments (including here at the UR School of Nursing), publishing in major journals, and obtaining grant support for their research.

If you want to pioneer new breakthroughs in patient care alongside some of the most brilliant minds in nursing and health care, UR School of Nursing is the place for you.

Program of Study

As a postdoc at the UR School of Nursing, you will shape a program that fits your interests, background and research goals. With the assistance of mentors, your program of study will include:

  • research seminars
  • involvement in faculty sponsor’s program of research
  • secondary data analysis
  • preliminary work for your own research proposal
  • training in the presentation of research findings
  • interdisciplinary collaboration
  • teaching and committee work within the School of Nursing
  • meeting with faculty and faculty groups
  • goals, plan of study, progress reports
  • benchmarks:
    • at six months — at least one manuscript from the dissertation work submitted, at least one manuscript co-authored with supervisor ready for submission, direction for one’s independent research established and presented.
    • at one year — proposal for preliminary studies for independent research completed, reviewed by mentors and core faculty in the area, and submitted, data from existing datasets analyzed and abstract submitted for national meetings
    • at 18 months — data collected and analyzed for preliminary studies of independent research, manuscript for independent work submitted, presentation at one or more national meetings
    • at two years — proposal prepared for extramural funding, human subjects approval obtained.

Living in Rochester

Rochester’s cost of living, ease of access, and family-friendly community give you personal peace of mind as you pursue your research passion.

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How to Apply

View available positions or contact:

Kathryn Buettner
(585) 275-7883