Faculty Profile

Hyekyun Rhee, PhD, RN, PNP

Hyekyun Rhee

Promoting Asthma Self-Management in Adolescents with Asthma

Dr. Rhee's program of research centers on improving asthma outcomes in adolescents.

Her recent randomized controlled study completed the feasibility and effectiveness of an asthma self-management intervention that targets adolescents and their peer dynamics.

She adopted a peer leader strategy in designing the asthma self-management program. In the current project funded by the NIH, Dr. Rhee is working with an interdisciplinary team of researchers to develop and test and automated device for asthma monitoring (ADAM) applying cutting-edge technology to assess asthma symptoms objectively and accurately.

The non-invasive and inconspicuous device will help continuous monitoring of asthma symptoms on a daily basis, thus assisting effective asthma self-management and achieving optimum asthma control in adolescents.

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