NSG 313 - Human Anatomy & Physiology II and Application to Health

3 credits ( 3 didactic hours )

Anatomy and Physiology I or permission of instructor


This online course focuses on human structure and function for those students pursuingcareers in nursing and other allied health fields. Structural information is combined withimportant functional concepts to provide an integrated understanding of the dynamic humanbody. Specific body systems covered in depth include the cardiovascular, lymphatic,respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems. Nutrition and metabolism, immunity,as well as fluid, electrolyte, acid-base balance, and genetics are additional physiological areasof study. The complementary structure and function of the healthy body is highlighted assystems of the body work to maintain a constant homeostatic environment. Clinical examplesare provided to help the student understand disease process as a disruption of normalstructure and function. This course will also focus on the concepts of health promotion andrisk reduction of major topics and conditions related to the particular body systems. Thesetopics are introduced to bridge anatomical and physiological content to nursing and healthcare based on national health promotion priorities.


Syllabus for NSG 313 - Human Anatomy & Physiology II and Application to Health

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