Faculty Profile

Natalie Leblanc, PhD

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Natalie Leblanc

The overarching goal of Natalie Leblanc's research is to develop new, innovative ways to address health inequities among vulnerable individuals. Her work, which is strengthened by her 15-year career in public health, has focused on health promotion and disease prevention among neglected populations both in the United States and abroad. Recently, Leblanc's research interest is in the area of sexual health, specifically HIV prevention among populations of color and sexual minorities, as well as the influence of healthcare providers and healthcare systems on the health of these populations.

Leblanc's dissertation explored Couples HIV Testing and Counseling (CHTC), a public health strategy that involves HIV screening of individuals who are or plan to be in a sexual relationship. She is particularly interested in interpersonal factors among couples, as well as between patients and providers, that impact HIV prevention and address sexual health. In addition, she has studied risk reduction methods among men who have sex with men (MSM) and male couples in order to enhance and tailor services in the United States.

As a former public health specialist, Leblanc is able to critically assess health issues from both a public health and clinical perspective. Her wide-range of work in public health included managing programs aimed at disease prevention and eradication in Africa, integrating HIV testing and linkage to care strategies in the New York City Health Department, and conducting a needs assessment for a universal hospital-based HIV testing program in Ghana, West Africa.

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