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UR Nursing Scholars Program  

Sarah Cox

As a cancer survivor and professional birth doula, Sarah's admiration for the nurses in her life turned into a career goal of her own.

Sarah Cox, APNN Student

Sarah Cox knows the impact a nurse can have through first-hand experience. 

During a battle with cancer in her early 20s, Sarah spent days in chemotherapy getting to know her oncology nurses. Eventually, Sarah's admiration for her care team guided her toward a career in health care.

After working in community engagement for the American Cancer Society for almost a decade, Sarah became a birth doula and co-founded the North Star Birth Collective, a local pregnancy care center here in Rochester that provides doula services and education for expecting parents. As patient care and advocacy became central to Sarah’s work, becoming a nurse felt like a natural next step.

Sarah took the last few years to raise her three young children as a stay-at-home parent, but felt eager to jump back into a health care career. Based on recommendations from friends who'd completed the 12-month program, a bachelor’s of science in nursing seemed like the perfect way to do so. 

“Doing this program has given me the opportunity to find my footing and do something for myself,” Sarah says. “Pursuing my dream of becoming a nurse has been a dream come true, and some days, I still can’t believe I am doing it. The opportunity to be a full-time student and work with wonderful faculty and fellow students has been such a gift to me.”


Why UR Nursing?

“The UR School of Nursing stood out to me because of the reputation the school has in our community. I had the privilege of knowing quite a few nurses who went through the program and raved about it! I also loved that it was accelerated and that I could have my RN quickly in 12 months time.”


How has UR Nursing's relationship with the UR Medical Center been helpful to you as a nursing student? 

"URMC's proximity to the school of nursing makes everything about the program feel cohesive. Our clinical opportunities are extremely sought after compared to other programs in the area because of the connection between the two."


What do you love about Rochester?

“I have celiac’s disease and have found Rochester to be a welcoming town for people who can’t eat gluten. I love so many local places, but especially Scratch Bakeshop, Velvet Belly, Good Luck, Owl House and Steve’s Diner is a great place to grab breakfast! 

Highland Park is a staple for me and my family, and we are often found hiking around the gorgeous park.

I am also still very active in the Rochester birth community, so I spend time doing birth advocacy work and supporting clients as much as I can. Myself and a few others have dreams of opening a birth center, so keep your eyes peeled for that in the future!

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Interested in becoming a nurse? Connect with us to learn more about the UR Nursing Scholars program or Accelerated Nursing Programs from the University of Rochester.

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