Academic Calendar

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Fall Semester 2021

August 25 Classes begin (except for APNN)
August 30            Classes begin (APNN May Cohort)
August 31            Classes begin (APNN January Cohort)
September 1     Classes begin (APNN September)
September 6 Labor Day (no classes)
October 11 Fall Break
October 12 Classes Resume
November 25 Thanksgiving Recess
November 29 Classes Resume
December 8 Last day of classes (except for APNN)
December 11  Last day of classes (APNN May)
December 13 Last day of classes (APNN January)
December 15 APNN Pinning Ceremony
December 17 Last Day of Classes (APNN September)

Spring Semester 2022

January 10 Classes begin for APNN students  (Orientation for new APNN students previous week - dates TBA)
January 12 Classes begin (except for APNN students)
January 17 Martin Luther King Day (no classes)
March 5 Spring Break Begins
March 14     Classes Resume 
April 27   Last day of classes (except APNN)
May 6 Final Exams End
May 13 University Commencement (all academic units)
May 13 Doctoral Commencement Ceremony
May 14 SON Commencement at Kodak Hall

Summer Semester 2022

May 9-13 Orientation for new APNN students, including iPad pickup
May 16
Classes begin 
May 30
Memorial Day (no classes)
June 20
Juneteenth Observed (no classes)
July 4
Independence Day (no classes)
August 12 Last day of classes (except APNN)