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Online RN to BS Program

Academics and Curriculum

Our RN to BS program is tailored to the practicing nurse who brings a wealth of knowledge from prior education and experience to the program. After reviewing your transcript with your advisor, you will develop a degree plan based on prior coursework and transferred credits to UR School of Nursing. A maximum of 96 credits may be transferred into the program.

To complete the bachelor’s degree a total of 128 credits are required, including:

64 Credits of Arts and Sciences Coursework

When you submit your transcripts, a transcript analysis will determine which of your previously-attended courses can be transferred to the School of Nursing as an arts and sciences course. Arts and sciences credits can be transferred in from any accredited college or university and will be awarded automatically upon matriculation if you have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree.  

You can be accepted into the program even if the required graduation courses or arts and sciences credits have not been completed. You can complete some of requirements through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP).

The UR School of Nursing offers online courses to help students meet the arts and sciences requirement (as part of your degree plan). Learn more:

Arts and Sciences Requirement

64 Credits in the Nursing Major

Upon admission to the program, 32 nursing credits will be transferred. The remaining 32 nursing credits make up the RN to BS program and include eight courses offered completely online. 

Courses are modular so that you are only completing one course at a time (for example, if starting a course in September, you will focus on that course and finish in the middle of the semester before beginning another course).

The program can be completed in four semesters if the arts and sciences requirements above are completed prior to starting. Up to four academic credits may also be awarded for prior experiential learning.

Degree Plan

Course Title Credits
NUR 350 RN/BS Transition: Reflective Professional Practice 4 credits
NUR 302 Principles and Application of Evidence for Nursing Practice for RN to BS Students 3 credits
NUR 364 Biopsychosocial Health Assessment of Individual and Family 3 credits
NUR 354 Nursing Leadership and Management of Care 4 credits
NUR 319 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology Updates for RNs 4 credits
NUR 355 Contexts of Health Care: Policy, Finance and Regulatory Environments 3 credits
NUR 356 Population Health 5 credits
NUR 357 RN/BS Capstone 2 credits
NSG 301 Writing with Confidence, Clarity, and Style 3 credits
NSG 311 Statistics for Evidence Based Practice in the Health Sciences 3 credits
NSG 310 Nutrition and Health 3 credits
NUR 378 Genetics 2 credits