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Online RN to BS Program

Arts and Sciences Courses

Students looking to enter the RN to BS program or RN to BS to MS program can complete the Arts and Sciences requirement at the UR School of Nursing. These flexible online courses can be completed in your own time.

Before registering, please contact the Admissions Office at (585) 275-2375 for advisement and degree planning. Refer to the upcoming course schedule for course availability.

Art and Sciences Requirements (64 Credits)

Content Area

Credits Required

Required Courses

Course Options at the UR School of Nursing


E.g., Fine Arts, Languages, Philosophy, Religion, History


(At least three courses)

English Composition (not available at UR SON)

NSG 301 at URSON



Natural Sciences

E.g., Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Anatomy, Physiology, Physics, Geology, Environmental Science


(At least four courses)


Nutrition (needs to be Human, not plant or animal/vet)

NSG 378: Genetics

NSG 310: Nutrition and Health 


Social Sciences

E.g., Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Human Development, Economics


(At least four courses)


NSG 311: Statistics for Evidence Based Practice in the Health Sciences

Free electives



See table below for options at URSON

Course Title – Course Options at UR SON for Arts and Science Credits

NSG 317 Ethics in Health Care (Humanities)

NSG 318 Pathogenesis of Cardiac Dysrhythmias and ECG interpretation in Adults (Natural Science)

NSG 325 Addressing Childhood Obesity for the Health Care professional (Natural Science)

NSG 328 Understanding Dietary Supplements  (Natural Science)

NSG 332 Popular Diets: A clinical review (Natural Science)

NSG 337 Sexuality, Culture and Health (Social Science)

NSG 338 Information technology for Health Care (Social Science)

NSG 342 Music in Health and Healing (Humanities)

NSG 409 Clinician’s Guide to Weight Management (Natural Science)

NSG 429 Diversity and Equity in Health care  (Humanities)

NSG XXX  History of Cancer (Humanities)

NSG XXX  Social Determinates of Health  (Social Science)

NSG XXX History of Pandemics (Humanities)

NSG XXX  History of HIV (Humanities)