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Post-Master's Certificate Programs

Why Choose a Post-Master's Certificate Program?

Would you like to expand or change your advanced practice nursing role? Our Post-Master’s Certificate programs offer opportunities for you to build upon your clinical skills and knowledge, allowing you to take your career in a new direction.

The post-master’s certificate is designed to provide nurses who already have a master’s degree a way to specialize in another area or become a nurse practitioner.

Your plan of study will be individualized based on your prior clinical coursework and what is necessary to complete the program. Some clinical hours can be transferred from your prior master’s degree or earned through supervised clinical hours in the specialty.

Explore our specialties below to learn more about specific curriculums.

Available Post-Master's Certificate Specialties

Applying to the Post-Master's Certificate Programs

The UR School of Nursing uses a comprehensive, holistic review process during which each application receives individual consideration. For this program, we seek applicants who clearly understand the specialty role to which they are seeking admission, are highly motivated, demonstrate intellectual curiosity, and are committed to upholding the values of the school and advanced practice role.   

To complete your application, you will need to create an account and complete all sections of the application. Once you complete your application, you may receive a follow-up email to schedule an interview with members of our Admissions Review Committee. We look forward to reviewing your application.

  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing from an accredited school
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 from your master’s degree
  • RN licensure from New York State
  • APRN licensure from New York State, if applicable
  • Master's degree requirements for:
    • Post-Master's Nurse Practitioner: Completion of a master’s degree as an advanced practice nurse (Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist, CRNA, or Certified Nurse Midwife) from an accredited school of nursing
    • Post-Master’s NNP – a master’s in maternal-infant or maternal-child health or pediatrics is required
    • Post-Master's Nurse Practitioner - Acute Care: a master’s degree as a pediatric nurse practitioner from an accredited school and one year experience in a pediatric acute care setting.
    • Post-Master’s CNL: Completion of any master's degree in nursing or related field
    • Post-Master's Nursing Education (Clinical Focus): completion of a master's degree in education
    • Post-Master's Nursing Education (Education Focus): completion of any master's degree in nursing
  • English language proficiency
  • Official transcripts from all schools attended
  • Two letters of recommendation from academic or professional references
  • Current resume or CV
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores: If English is not your first language

For details on how to submit these materials, reference How to Complete an Application and the directions in the online application system.

Start your application

Application Deadlines

Students can enroll in the Post-Master’s Certificate programs in September, January, or May.
  • For a September start date
    The application deadline is the prior April 15.
  • For a January start date
    The application deadline is the prior September 15.
  • For a May start date
    The application deadline is the prior January 15.
Kris LoBello, RN, MS
"The Post-Master's in Nursing Education gave me what I needed to succeed as a new nursing instructor. I'm fulfilling the dream I didn't know I had. I'm helping the next generation of nurses become somebody I want to work next to."
Kris LoBello, RN, MS
Nursing Instructor, Genesee Community College
Staff Nurse, Unit 63600 Strong Memorial Hospital
Post-Master's in Nursing Education (Education focus) '18