Current Focus

I have been a Registered Nurse since 1978. I have had the pleasure of helping to develop the role of the nurse at the University of Rochester Medical Center throughout the years. I was very active in the Nursing Self Governance Model from its infancy. This helped me to learn about the complexities of health care and nursing strengths to contribute to the system. Graduate work in administration led me to a nurse manager job for approximately 9 years. A friend from the SON faculty encouraged me to transition into nursing education which proved to be a wonderful move as it complimented my clinical and administrative work.

Professional Experience
Instructor, University of Rochester (MentalHealth Nursing), Rochester, NY, US. 7/2010 - Current

Can Undergraduate Psychiatric Nursing Students Benefit from Learning ans Implementing Group Therapy?
Annual Conference, American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 2014
Indianappolis, Indiana

Faculty mentoring
Annual APNA conference, American Psychiatric Nursing Organization, 2011
Annahein, California

Student Role in Performance Improvement
Annual APNA, American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 2009
Charlestown, South Carolina

Fall prevention
Annual Conference, American Psychiatric Nursing organization, 2009
Minneapolis, Minnesota