Preceptor and Student

Precepting at the UR School of Nursing

Our network of nearly 600 preceptors across New York state plays an essential role in educating our students across multiple graduate programs. We thank you for your commitment to preparing future generations of advanced practice nurses and health care leaders, ready to take on the challenges of today’s health care system.

Why Be a Preceptor?

Being a preceptor is a mutually rewarding experience. Our preceptors work with the brightest and most dedicated nursing and health care students. We work hard to match you with a student who will be a good fit within your practice.

UR School of Nursing preceptors also enjoy the following benefits:

Potential for Adjunct or Clinical Appointment
Documentation of Precepting Hours
Annual Preceptor Workshop (CEU Credits)
Opportunity to Network
Clinical Site and Preceptor Coordination
Flexibility to Choose When to Precept
Support from Faculty

Become a Preceptor

Are you ready to take the next step in helping to develop future generations of nurses or health care leaders? The UR School of Nursing is in need of highly-qualified clinicians from across the Western New York region with a minimum of one-year experience as an NP, CNM, or MD/DO.

Become a Preceptor

Meet Our Preceptors

Douglas Fien

Douglas Fien, MSN, FNP-C

Family Practice Primary Care Provider
Medical Associates of Penfield

"Best single advice I would offer students in new and stressful situations is to remember to be a nurse. The interest in doing more and expanding our roles can distract from the most valuable thing we offer our clients: Nursing."

Lynn Firendino

Lynn Firendino, RN, MS, PNP-BC

Site Leader at School 9 - Dr. Martin Luther King Junior
Rochester Regional Health School-Based Health Center

"When I was a student, I felt that my preceptors were most influential on my independent practice. My first preceptors inspired me to continue in my training, seek knowledge and experiences. I aspire to be the mentor that a student remembers and uses the skills and knowledge I was able to impart on them."

Becky Meritt

Becky Meritt, RN, PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner,
Hillside Family of Agencies

"I place a great value on the role of the psychiatric NP and having a student with me to share in my values provides me with even more enthusiasm about mental health care as a whole."

Michael Mendoza

Michael Mendoza, MD, MPH, MS, FAAFP

Commissioner of Public Health
Monroe County Health Department

"Precepting is an investment, in yourself and in the future of our field and of our respective professions."

Sarah Lesniak

Sarah Lesniak, MS, RN-BC, CSPHA

Senior Nurse Educator
Center for Nursing Professional Development, URMC

"I love to precept because it allows me to keep my practice current and helps show students different types of nursing not necessarily at the bedside. There are so many possibilities in nursing so I love exposing the students to these various other roles of a nurse. "

Maureen Richardson

Maureen Richardson, RN, FNP

Highland Family Medicine

"These students work one to one with us and have a longitudinal experience to appreciate the depth and complexity of caring for families in all settings and over a span of time. This is preparation for the real world of caregiving!"

Where We Are

Clinical Sites across New York

We work with a network of nearly 600 preceptors at clinical sites across New York state. Explore the map to see active clinical sites for our Nurse Practitioner, Nursing Education, and Leadership programs.