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Course Schedules

Degree Program Course Schedules

The following are links to course schedules for matriculated students enrolled in degree programs:

Summer 2024 Course Schedule

Fall 2024 Course Schedule will be available July 1st

Reference course schedules from previous terms: Spring 2024 Course Schedule, Fall 2023 Course Schedule, or Spring 2023 Course Schedule, or Summer 2023 Course Schedule, or Fall 2022 Course Schedule, or Spring 2022 Course Schedule, or Summer 2022 Course Schedule.

Accelerated Nursing Program Course Schedules

Cohort Start

Summer 2024 Semester

Spring 2024 Semester

Fall 2023 Semester

Summer 2023 Semester

May 2024

Summer 2024 Schedule

Summer 2024 Schedule (24-Month Program)

Jan. 2024

Summer 2024 Schedule

Spring 2024 Schedule

Sept. 2023

Summer 2024 Schedule Spring 2024 Schedule Fall 2023 Schedule

May 2023

Summer 2024 Schedule (24-Month Program

Spring 2024 Schedule

Spring 2024 Schedule (24-Month Program)

Fall 2023 Schedule

Fall 2023 Schedule (24-Month Program)

Summer 2023 Schedule

Summer 2023 Schedule (24-Month Program)


Non-Matriculated Program Course Schedules

Visit Non-Matriculated Courses for more information about course schedules and non-matriculated registration.

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