Mary Tantillo is widely recognized for her clinical work and research related to the treatment of eating disorders. She has devoted more than 30 years to providing care and support to patients and families coping with eating disorders across the spectrum of clinical settings.

She has conducted research to evaluate an innovative relational/motivational approach to understanding and treating adults with anorexia nervosa through the use of multifamily therapy group. She has also implemented prevention approaches that encourage partnerships among parents and school personnel to create home and school environments that foster wellness and reinforce positive body image.

Tantillo directs the Western New York Comprehensive Care Center for Eating Disorders (WNYCCCED), one of three comprehensive care centers in New York State, which works to better coordinate care and services for patients and families and improve outcomes.

She is the founder and former CEO and president of a non-profit eating disorders partial hospitalization program for adults and adolescents, The Healing Connection, Inc., an affiliate of the WNYCCCED. She is a fellow of the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) and past AED board member. Her special interests include women's mental health, family-based treatment, and group treatment, especially multifamily therapy group treatment for eating disorders.

Hilda & Preston Davis Foundation
University of Rochester School of Nursing, 2014

John Romano Award
Mental Health Association of Rochester, 2012

Association for Creativity in Counseling Research Award 2011
Association for Creativity in Counseling , 2011

Meehan-Hartley Award for Public Service and Advocacy
Academy for Eating Disorders, 2010

Richard C. Palermo Quality Award
St. Joseph's Villa, 2009

Monroe Community College Alumni Contributing to the Community Award
Monroe Community College , 2008

Woman of Influence in Health Care
Girl Scout of Genesee Valley, Inc. , 2005

Fellow, Academy for Eating Disorders
Academy for Eating Disorders, 2003

Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Research Award
Sigma Theta Tau, Epsilon xi chapter, 1996

Annual Outstanding Nurse Award for Excellence in Patient and Family Nursing
University of Rochester Medical Center, Dept of Nursing, 1984

Nazareth Alumni Association Award
Nazareth College of Rochester, 1982

Excellence in Nursing Award
Monroe Community College , 1980

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Comprehensive Care Centers for Eating Disorders Program
NYS Dept. of Health Division of Chronic Disease Prevention
4/1/2008 - 4/30/2022
Role: Principal Investigator