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Lauren Ghazal, PhD, FNP-BC

Lauren Ghazal, PhD, FNP-BC

(Pronouns: she/her/hers)
  • Assistant Professor


  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cancer Care Delivery Research, 2023. University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, MI
  • PhD in Nursing Research and Theory Development, 2021. New York University. New York, NY
  • Masters in Nursing, 2016. Regis College. Weston, MA
  • BSN in Nursing, 2015. Regis College. Weston, MA
  • BA in Economics, 2013. Boston College. Chestnut Hill, MA


Lauren Ghazal, PhD, FNP-BC, is an assistant professor and researcher at the University of Rochester School of Nursing. As a family nurse practitioner and cancer survivor, she brings a unique perspective to her research, which focuses on improving the health and quality of life of adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer survivors. Her work also explores the financial toxicity of cancer care among AYAs, integrating her background in economics and health care. This passion stems from her personal experience with stage-two Hodgkin lymphoma, which she battled during her PhD studies. Ghazal is recognized for her innovative approach to research, and was chosen as a 2023 STAT Wunderkind, “next-generation scientific superstar,” in a national contest that singles out young, high achievers from top research institutions. Ghazal earned her bachelor's degree in economics from Boston College, and a bachelor's and master's degree in nursing from Regis College. She earned her PhD in nursing research and theory development from New York University in 2021. Following her PhD, she completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Cancer Care Delivery Research at the University of Michigan in 2023. At the University of Rochester, she is part of the Wilmot Cancer Institute’s Cancer Prevention and Control research group, contributing significantly to AYA cancer studies.


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