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Susan Groth, PhD, WHNP-BC, FAANP
  • Phone: (585) 275-8895
  • Office: HWH 2W105
  • Email: Susan Groth

Susan Groth, PhD, WHNP-BC, FAANP

  • Professor


  • PhD in Nursing, 2004. University of Rochester. Rochester, NY
  • Master of Science in Women's Health NP, 1993. University of Rochester. Rochester, NY
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 1975. Roberts Wesleyan College. North Chili, NY

Associate Professor of Nursing, University of Rochester (teaching/research), Rochester, NY, US. 7/2013 - Current

Assistant Professor of Nursing, University of Rochester (teaching/research), Rochester, NY, US. 7/2007 - 7/2013

WHNP, Hillside Family of Agencies (OB/GYN care), Rochester, NY, US. 1994 - 2012

Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing, University of Rochester (teaching/research/practice), Rochester, NY, US. 7/2004 - 6/2007

WHNP, St Joseph's Neighborhood Center, Rochester, NY, US. 1994 - 2007

Senior Associate, University of Rochester (teaching/practice/doctoral program), Rochester, NY, US. 1999 - 6/2004

Instructor of Clinical Nursing, University of Rochester (teaching/practice), Rochester, NY, US. 1994 - 1998

Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, William J Hicks, MD, PC (NP practice), Rochester, NY, US. 1/1993 - 12/1993

Staff Nurse, Strong Memorial Hospital (Newborn Nursery), Rochester, NY, US. 8/1990 - 12/1992

staff nurse, The Genesee Hospital (newborn nursery level I & Level II), Rochester, NY, US. 1975 - 1990
Professional Advancement Award
University of Rochester School of Nursing, 2020

Terry Family Research Fund Award
URSON, 2015

Listed as one of the 20 outstanding professors of women's health
Sechel Ventures, 2015

Dr Margaret Comerford Freda Saving Babies Award
AWHONN/March of Dimes, 2013

Fellow in the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 2012

Promising New Investigator Award
University of Rochester School of Nursing, 2010

Intramural Research Traineeship: Summer Genetics Institute at National Institutes of Nursing Research, National Institutes of Health
National Institute of Nursing Research, 2006

Katharine Donohoe Scholarly Practitioner Award
University of Rochester School of Nursing, 2004

Outstanding Scholarly Practitioner
University of Rochester School of Nursing, 2002

Outstanding Student Poster Presentation
Eastern Nursing Research Society, 2001

Honorary Member Keadeians, University of Rochester
University of Rochester, 2000

Induction into Sigma Theta Tau, Epsilon Xi
Sigma Theta Tau, 1992

Summa Cum Laude
Roberts Wesleyan College, 1975
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virtual due to COVID

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virtual due to COVID, New York

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virtual due to COVID, New York

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virtual due to COVID

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virtual due to COVID, New York

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virtual due to COVID, New York

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virtual due to COVID, New York

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Rochester, New York

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Pregnancy and postpartum as vulnerable exposure windows: phthalates and maternal cardiometabolic health
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)
5/2/2022 - 2/28/2027
Role: MPI
PI: Tamara James-Todd, Susan Groth, and Emily Barrett

Randomized Clinical Trial of Nurse Family Partnership for Women with Previous Live Births
National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR)
5/11/2022 - 2/28/2026
Role: Co-Investigator
PI: Mandy Allison and David Olds

Neural Network Approach to Estimate Fetal Weight in the Late Third Trimester of Pregnancy
8/17/2022 - 7/31/2025
Role: Mentor
PI: Caitlin Dreisbach, PhD, RN

Influence of Prenatal and Early Childhood Home-Visiting by Nurses on Development of Chronic Disease: 29-year Follow-Up of a Randomized Clinical Trial
National Heart Lung and Blood institute (NHLBI)
6/22/2020 - 5/31/2024
Role: Site PI
PI: David L Olds; Dana Dabelea; Stephen R Daniels

Longitudinal Changes in Weight and Biology in the Pregnancy-Postpartum Period and Subsequent Cardiometabolic Risk
4/1/2018 - 1/31/2023
Role: MPI
PI: Susan Groth, Thomas O’Connor and Emily Barrett

Delineation of the biopsychosocial risks of obesogenic eating behaviors
9/25/2019 - 7/31/2022
Role: Co-Mentor
PI: Ying Meng
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