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Preceptor Profile: Douglas Fien

Douglas Fien, MSN, FNP-C

Family practice primary care provider, Medical Associates of Penfield (Eastside YMCA)

Douglas Fien

Why do you choose to precept?

My precepting style is one of mutual learning. While I have been working in primary care settings for over 30 years there is always plenty to learn for my students and me.

What advice would you give to clinicians or health care leaders who are considering precepting or new to the mentor role?

While precepting does offer an important opportunity for nurses interested in advancing their own professional expertise, it is an equally excellent opportunity for preceptors to continue to develop themselves and remain enthusiastic.

What advice would you give to student about to start their clinical/leadership experience?

Best single advice I would offer students in new and stressful situations is to remember to be a nurse. The interest in doing more and expanding our roles can distract from the most valuable thing we offer our clients: Nursing.

Douglas Fien has been precepting with the University of Rochester School of Nursing for adult and family nurse practitioner students over the last 5 years. His students develop skills in directed history, examination, assessment, plan development, and documentation of the full array of primary care situations.

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