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Meet Our Preceptors

Lynn Firendino, RN, MS, PNP-BC

Site Leader at School 9 - Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, Rochester Regional Health School-Based Health Center

Lynn Firendino

Why do you choose to precept?

For the UR School of Nursing, I request the 412 Pediatric Nurse Practitioner students. I enjoy their first time clinical experience with them as they embark on their journey towards independent NP practice. These students tend to be very excited/ nervous but eager to learn! When I was a student, I felt that my preceptors were most influential on my independent practice. My first preceptors inspired me to continue in my training, seek knowledge and experiences. I aspire to be the mentor that a student remembers and uses the skills and knowledge I was able to impart on them.

What advice would you give to clinicians or health care leaders who are considering precepting or new to the mentor role?

Teaching our colleagues to be the best clinician they can be, to be someone they would want for their family or friends to care for them. It is one of the most rewarding experiences for the student AND the preceptor. We are ALL always learning.

What advice would you give to students?

Take one day at a time. Come prepared with equipment (stethoscope, pen, ID, texts, etc.) Be honest about past experiences and what you hope to benefit from your time together. Be professional, make clinical a priority and be "present" when you are in clinic.

Lynn Firendino was a pediatric nurse in primary care for 22 years before pursuing her master's. She has been precepting pediatric and family nurse practitioner as well as PA students for 10 years. Her students typically see patients with her in the clinic, performing acute visits, health screens, ortho injuries/splinting, vaccine administration, wound closure, and mental health assessments.

Meet Our Preceptors

Become a Preceptor

Are you ready to take the next step in helping to develop future generations of nurses or health care leaders? The UR School of Nursing is in need of highly-qualified clinicians from across the Western New York region with a minimum of one-year experience as a certified health professional (e.g., NP, CNM, PA, or MD/DO).

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