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Meet Our Preceptors

Michael Mendoza, MD, MPH, MS, FAAFP

Commissioner of Public Health, Monroe County Health Department
Associate Professor, Departments of Family Medicine, Public Health Sciences, and Nursing, University of Rochester

Michael Mendoza

Why do you choose to precept?

I think it's important for students within the varied disciplines within nursing gain exposure to interprofessional opportunities, to see how their expertise fits into the larger team sport of clinical care, health policy, and scholarship. Likewise, I value hearing feedback from nursing students about my work. In my work it's rare for me to have the opportunity of hearing someone else reflect on how I conduct myself as a professional. I value the unique perspective that the nursing students can offer.

What advice would you give to clinicians or health care leaders who are considering precepting or new to the mentor role?

Precepting is an investment, in yourself and in the future of our field and of our respective professions. If you think narrowly about the short-term effort involved in being an effective teacher, rarely does it make sense to add one more thing to what we do. But, if we look at the effort as an investment, the returns are quicker than you might think and, ultimately, well worth the investment of our time and effort today.

What advice would you give to students?

Don't be afraid to ask questions and to engage with us as colleagues!

Michael Mendoza precepts FNP residents at Highland Family Medicine, Leadership students, and DNP students.

Meet Our Preceptors

Become a Preceptor

Are you ready to take the next step in helping to develop future generations of nurses or health care leaders? The UR School of Nursing is in need of highly-qualified clinicians from across the Western New York region with a minimum of one-year experience as a certified health professional (e.g., NP, CNM, PA, or MD/DO).

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