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Meet Our Preceptors

Sarah Lesniak, MS, RN-BC, CSPHA

Senior Nurse Educator, Center for Nursing Professional Development, University of Rochester Medical Center

Sarah Lesniak

Why do you choose to precept?

I love to precept because it allows me to keep my practice current and helps show students different types of nursing not necessarily at the bedside. There are so many possibilities in nursing so I love exposing the students to these various other roles of a nurse. The students come away with a different perspective on how a nurse educator functions and their role in not only education but also hospital administration.

What advice would you give to clinicians or health care leaders who are considering precepting or new to the mentor role?

I would encourage them to utilize the experience as a way to get our future nurses engaged in different aspects of nursing. Many people view nurse educators as an academic faculty member in a university or college setting. There are many other roles of a nurse educator in hospitals and clinics that impact patient care delivery and outcomes. It is also very rewarding to mentor a student to these roles and then they come away with more knowledge and skills about the profession.

What advice would you give to students?

Keep an open mind and enjoy each experience that is offered to you!

Did you graduate from a UR Nursing program? If so, does that impact how you mentor our current students?

I did graduate with my BSN in 1999 from the traditional program. I also graduated with my MS in 2006 from the Leadership program. I think it does impact how I mentor students because we have very close connections with many of the former graduates and I love to see the growth and professional development within the organization.

Sarah Lesniak has precepted mainly Nursing Education students but also Leadership students at the University of Rochester School of Nursing for the past 6+ years. Her students typically perform aspects of program management for nursing practice which can include developing, implementing, and evaluating educational programs for all members of nursing practice.

Meet Our Preceptors

Become a Preceptor

Are you ready to take the next step in helping to develop future generations of nurses or health care leaders? The UR School of Nursing is in need of highly-qualified clinicians from across the Western New York region with a minimum of one-year experience as a certified health professional (e.g., NP, CNM, PA, or MD/DO).

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