The Center for Research Implementation and Translation (CRIT)

It can take up to one to two decades for research to be put into routine clinical practice. This delay in translating research findings into sustainable improvements in clinical and patient outcomes remains a huge obstacle to improving the quality of care.  

The Center for Research Implementation and Translation (CRIT) seeks to address this delay by serving as a central hub for the development of research implementation science. At the CRIT, multidisciplinary scientists and clinicians come together to facilitate promising treatments into real world practice.

CRIT scientists and experts:

  • conduct rigorous qualitative, observational, survey and mixed-method studies in addition to knowledge generation
  • inform experimental and quasi-experimental hypothesis-driven studies where interventions are tailored, tested and systematically incorporated
  • meet bi-weekly in CRIT's Design and Analysis Group for a dynamic exchange of ideas and to discuss/provide group consultation to individual junior faculty and trainees at all phases of the research process
  • meet with faculty and trainees planning/conducting qualitative studies
  • discuss design and methods and assist with reliability and validity checks of data/interpretation as manuscripts are being prepared