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Caitlin Dreisbach, PhD, RN

Caitlin Dreisbach, PhD, RN

(Pronouns: She/her)
  • Assistant Professor


  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2022. The Data Science Institute at Columbia University. New York, NY
  • PhD in Nursing, 2020. University of Virginia. Charlottesville, VA
  • Master's of Science in Data Science, 2018. University of Virginia. Charlottesville, VA
  • Bachelor's of Science in Nursing, 2013. Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore, MD
  • Bachelor's of Science, 2012. Cornell University. Ithaca, NY


Caitlin Dreisbach, PhD, RN, is an assistant professor at the University of Rochester School of Nursing with an affiliation in the Goergen Institute for Data Science. Dreisbach completed a two-year postdoc at the Columbia University Data Science Institute prior to joining the faculty. 

Her research focus is on the use of quantitative methods to make better clinical assessments during pregnancy. As a former labor and delivery nurse, Dreisbach is interested in reimagining the current state of technology use during labor and delivery. In combination with the real-world experiences of birthing people, Dreisbach aims to enhance the care clinicians provide at the bedside.

Professional Experience

Affiliated Faculty,
University of Rochester Goergen Institute for Data Science, Rochester, NY. 2022 - Current

Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track),
University of Rochester School of Nursing, Rochester, NY. 2022 - Current

Postdoctoral Research Scientist,
Data Science Institute at Columbia University (Data science), New York, NY. 7/2020 - 6/2022

Pre-doctoral student,
University of Virginia (Nursing), Charlottesville, VA. 8/2015 - 5/2020


Phyllis J. Verhonick Dissertation Award
University of Virginia School of Nursing, 2020

Wood Family Award for Outstanding Service in Data Science
Data Science Institute, University of Virginia, 2018

The Raven Society Member
University of Virginia, 2017

Graduate Teaching Assistant Award
University of Virginia School of Nursing, 2017

Intramural Research Training Award
National Institute of Nursing Research Summer Genetics Institute (SGI), 2016

Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society, Beta Kappa Chapter
University of Virginia School of Nursing, 2016

Beginning Practitioner of the Year Nomination
University of Virginia Medical Center, 2016

The Church Home and Hospital Nursing Alumnae Award
The Johns Hopkins University, 2013

BSN Graduation Class speaker
The Johns Hopkins University, School of Nursing, 2013

Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Honor Society
Cornell University, 2012


A critical review of social determinants of health in chronic condition symptom cluster research
Koleck, T. A., Patzak, S. A., Dziewulski, G., Shen, L., Lor, M., Conway, A., & Grayson, S. C.
Podium presentation at the Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science 2022 State of the Science Congress on Nursing Research: Social & Structural Determinants of Health, 2022
Washington, District Of Columbia

“Data-Informed Women’s Health: Data Science and the Microbiome.”
Precision Health (T32) Methodology Summer Boot Camp, University of Texas at Austin, 2022

“Clustering and Validation of COVID-19 Symptom Phenotypes for Hispanic/Latina Women”
South, K. Koleck, T., Barcelona, V., Elhadad, E., Mamykina, O., & Bakken, S.
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), 2021 ACOG Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting (ACSM): Personalizing Care: A Way to the Future, 2021

“Informing Symptom Science Using a Citizen Science Application in the COVID-19 Pandemic"
South, K. Koleck, T., Barcelona, V., Elhadad, E., Mamykina, O., & Bakken, S.
2021 Annual Symposium, American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), 2021
San Diego, California

“Data-informed women's health: from the microbiome to symptom-focused artificial intelligence.”
Columbia University School of Nursing, 2020

“Maternal Microbiome & the Environment: What is our role as nurses and scientists?”
University of Calgary, 2020

“The Uses of Data in Patient Care.”
Deas, K., & Gabrielle, A.
Tom Tom Cities Rising Summit, 2020
Charlottesville, Virginia

“The influence of maternal obesity on microbial function and impaired glucose tolerance during pregnancy.”
Mculloch, J., Prescott, S., Dudley, D., Trinchieri, G., Alhusen, J., & Siega-Riz, AM.
International Society of Nurses in Genetics 2019 World Congress “Transforming Health through Genomic Nursing”, 2019
San Antonio, Texas

“Perception of Psychological Trauma in Labor and Delivery”
Schminkey, D., Suphal, K., Thelen, M., Dunbar, P., & Price, J.
Evidence-Based Practice Day, University of Virginia Health System, 2019
Charlottesville, Virginia

“Influence of maternal obesity and excessive gestational weight gain on maternal and child microbiomes: a systematic review.”
Prescott, S., & Alhusen, J.
Barbara Parker Research Symposium, 2019
Charlottesville, Virginia

“Postpartum assessment of psychological trauma from the labor and delivery experience.”
M. Thelen., C.P. Muthusubramanian, F. Tyree, K. Suphal, B. Morrill, C. Miller-Davis, & L. Letzkus
Association for Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurse (AWHONN), Virginia Section, 2019
Charlottesville, Virginia

“Keynote Session: The State of Data Science.”
T. Koleck
2018 World Congress “Building Connections to Genomic Health.”, International Society for Nurses in Genetics (ISONG), 2018
Orlando, Florida

“Joining Separate Paradigms: Text Mining and Deep Neural Networks to Characterize Neuronal Cell Type in the Cortex and Hippocampus.”
Wall, M., Zaidi, A., Flower, A., & Overall, C.
TomTom Machine Learning Conference, 2018
Charlottesville, Virginia

“Joining Separate Paradigms: Text Mining and Deep Neural Networks to Characterize Neuronal Cell Type in the Cortex and Hippocampus.”
Wall, M., Zaidi, A., Flower, A., & Overall, C.
Systems Information Engineering and Design Conference, 2018
Charlottesville, Virginia

“Text Mining and Deep Neural Networks to Characterize Neuronal Cell Type in the Cortex and Hippocampus.”
Wall, M., Zaidi, A., Flower, A., & Overall, C.
Barbara Parker Research Symposium, 2018
Charlottesville, Virginia

“Predictors of Gestational Weight Gain in a Population-based Sample.”
Alhusen, J., Seiga-Riz, A.M., Constantoulakis, L, & Geller, R.
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Huskey Research Symposium, University of Virginia, 2017
Charlottesville, Virginia


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