NLX Courses
NSG Courses
NUR Courses

NLX Courses

Course Title
NLX 417 Teaching and Learning in Nursing
NLX 420 Theory & Evidence Based Practice in Nursing Education
NLX 421 Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology for Nurse Leaders and Educators
NLX 422 Health Assessment for Nurse Leaders and Educators
NLX 426 Curriculum Development and Course Design
NLX 427 Assessment and Evaluation in Nursing Education
NLX 430 Integrating Technology in Nursing Education
NLX 464 Quality & Safety for the Healthcare Leader
NLX 466 Epidemiology
NLX 467 Population Health
NLX 469 Project Management in Healthcare
NLX 470 Foundations of Healthcare Leadership
NLX 471 Trends in Health Economics, Policy and Regulations
NLX 473 Healthcare Financial Management
NLX 474 Human Resource Management
NLX 475 Leadership in Clinical Nursing
NLX 476 CNL Immersion Experience
NLX 485 CNL Capstone
NLX 486 Leadership Capstone
NLX 487 MNE Capstone

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NSG Courses

Course Title
NSG 301 Writing with Confidence, Clarity, and Style
NSG 305 Growth & Development through the Life Span
NSG 309 Microbiology and Application to Health
NSG 310 Nutrition and Health
NSG 311 Statistics for Evidence Based Practice in the Health Sciences
NSG 312 Human Anatomy & Physiology I and Application to Health
NSG 313 Human Anatomy & Physiology II and Application to Health
NSG 315 Microbiology Lab for the Health Sciences
NSG 317 Ethics in Healthcare
NSG 318 Pathogenesis of Cardiac Dysrhythmias and ECG Interpretation in Adults
NSG 322 Anatomy and Physiology Lab I for the Health Sciences
NSG 323 Anatomy and Physiology Lab II for the Health Sciences
NSG 325 Addressing Childhood Obesity for the Health Care Professional
NSG 328 Understanding Dietary Supplements in Healthcare
NSG 332 Popular Diets: A Clinical Review
NSG 337 Sexuality, Culture, and Health: Anthropological and Public Health Perspectives
NSG 338 Information Technology for Healthcare
NSG 342 Music in Health and Healing
NSG 378 Genetics
NSG 398 Special Topics
NSG 409 Clinician's Guide to Weight Management & Nutrition
NSG 429 Diversity and Equity in Health Care
NSG 435 Legal Nurse Consulting
NSG 488 Registered Nurse First Assistant Theory, Practice, and Clinical Practicum

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NUR Courses

Course Title
NUR 301 Principles and Application of Evidence for Nursing Practice
NUR 302 Principles and Application of Evidence for Nursing Practice for RN to BS Students
NUR 319 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology Updates for RNs
NUR 350 RN/BS Transition: Reflective Professional Practice
NUR 354 Nursing Leadership and Management of Care
NUR 355 Contexts of Health Care: Policy, Finance and Regulatory Environments
NUR 356 Population Health
NUR 357 RN/BS Capstone
NUR 358 Patient and Population Care Management
NUR 362 Nursing Health Assessment
NUR 363 Comprehensive Nursing Assessment Refresher
NUR 364 Biopsychosocial Health Assessment of Individual and Family
NUR 365 Population and Community Health Nursing
NUR 370 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology
NUR 371 Management of Care
NUR 372 Beginning Medical - Surgical Nursing
NUR 373 Foundations of Nursing Practice
NUR 374 Women's Health, Neonatal, and Pediatric Nursing
NUR 374A Nursing Care and Health Promotion for Childbearing Clients and Their Families
NUR 374B Nursing Care and Health Promotion for Pediatric Clients and Their Families
NUR 375 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing
NUR 376 Intermediate Medical - Surgical Nursing
NUR 377 Advanced Medical - Surgical Nursing
NUR 379 Nursing Integration and Transition in Practice
NUR 392 Clinical Practicum
NUR 400 Research Principles for Evidence-Based Practice
NUR 401 Foundations of Scholarly Writing in the Health Professions
NUR 403 Ethics and Public Policy in the Health Care System
NUR 407 Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology
NUR 410-1 Advanced Health Assessment
NUR 411 Evaluation & Management of Common Health Problems
NUR 413 Family Theoretical Frameworks and Application to Nursing Care of Families
NUR 414 Nurse Practitioner Procedure Lab
NUR 415 Advanced Health Assessment -- Lifespan
NUR 419 Advanced Pharmacology
NUR 424 Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner I
NUR 425 Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner II
NUR 433 Pediatric Acute Care NP I
NUR 434 Pediatric Acute Care NP II
NUR 435 Pediatric Psychopharmacology
NUR 436 Nursing Care of the High-Risk Neonate
NUR 437 Pediatric Primary Care I
NUR 438 Pediatric Primary Care II
NUR 439 Pediatric Primary Care III
NUR 444 Primary Care NP I
NUR 445 Primary Care NP II
NUR 449 Women's Health Care for Primary Care Generalists
NUR 450 Psychopathology and Psychiatric Assessment and Diagnosis Across the Lifespan
NUR 451 Individual Psychotherapy Across the Lifespan I
NUR 452 Pathophysiology and Psychopharmacology of Mental Health Disorders Across the Lifespan I
NUR 453 Pathophysiology and Psychopharmacology of Mental Health Disorders across the Lifespan II
NUR 454 Group and Family Psychotherapy Across the Lifespan
NUR 455 Theoretical Frameworks for Advanced Psychiatric Nursing Practice
NUR 456 Practicum in Advanced Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Role I
NUR 457 Practicum in Advanced Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Role II
NUR 458 Practicum in Advanced Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Role III
NUR 459 Individual Psychotherapy Across the Lifespan II
NUR 491 Independent Study
NUR 492 Clinical Practicum
NUR 505 Epistemology and Concept Development
NUR 506 Epistemology and Theory Construction
NUR 507 Research Appraisal and Synthesis
NUR 508 Writing and Publishing in the Health Sciences
NUR 509 Clinical Data Management (CDM) for the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
NUR 510 Applied Statistics I
NUR 511 Basic Principles of Quantitative Research Design
NUR 512 Applied Statistics II
NUR 513 Research Measurement
NUR 514 Research Integration and Proposal Development
NUR 541 Theory and Research on Health Behavior
NUR 545 Research Using Existing Data
NUR 555 Basic Principles of Qualitative Research Design
NUR 556 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods: Qualitative Description and Content Analysis
NUR 560 Role of the Clinical Researcher
NUR 564 Quality, Safety and Informatics
NUR 571 Theoretical and Conceptual Foundations for Clinical Scholarship
NUR 572 Appraisal and Application of Evidence in Healthcare
NUR 573 Interprofessional Partnerships
NUR 574 Project Management for Systems Innovation
NUR 575 Health Policy Development and Political Change
NUR 576 DNP Practicum I
NUR 577 DNP Practicum II
NUR 578 DNP Practicum III
NUR 590 Dissertation Workshop
NUR 591 Independent Study
NUR 592 Clinical Practicum
NUR 595 PhD Research
NUR 995 Continuation of Doctoral Enrollment
NUR 999 Doctoral Dissertation
NUR GR1001 School of Nursing Graduate - RA or TA
NUR GR1002 School of Nursing Graduate - Clinical

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