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Strong Memorial Hospital

Highland Hospital

FF Thompson

Unity/Rochester General Hospital


Strong Residency Programs

Strong Memorial Hospital Nurse Residency Programs 

Available to May 2020 Graduates:

  • Surgical ICU Residency
  • Medical ICU Residency
  • Cardiac ICU Residency
  • Operating Room Residency

As a new graduate, residency programs offer more structure and continued education for specialty units that have historically been closed to new graduates. However, you do NOT need to enter a residency to get a job in the hospital!

Many, many units directly hire new graduates, depending on your patient care experiences and resume.

If you are interested in a unit, go to nurse recruitment early and express that interest. Usually, they will let you shadow for 4 hours. This is your golden opportunity! Work hard, be positive, help others, and ask questions.

Be patient, be diligent, and dont give up.

URMedicine Careers


Highland Hospital is seeking currently licensed new grad Registered Nurses to join our RN team! We have openings on the following units:

  • West 4 – Acute Care of the Elderly
  • West 5 – Acute Care Medicine and PCU
  • West 6 – General Surgery
  • West 7 – Medical/Surgical Unit
  • East 5 – Oncology, Palliative and Hospice Care
  • East 6 – Evarts Joint Center (Orthopedics)
  • East 7 – Neuroscience Unit
  • ED and ED Observation Unit
  • Medical/Surgical Float Pool

Highland Careers

FF Thompson

2020 RN Residency Program – Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter Cohorts Available

What is the Residency Program and what do we provide?

In our program you will orient and work under the direction of experienced Nursing staff. You will assist us in delivering of patient care utilizing the nursing process. This a full-time job opportunity ONLY and able to work varied shifts is needed.

There are different Cohorts throughout the year and the new graduate is able to choose the start date according to his/her availability:

Spring – April start date
Summer – July start date
Fall – September start date
Winter – February start date

RN Residency:

12-14 week Medical-Surgical orientation – will help you to develop a solid clinical foundation by building confidence, knowledge, and skills under the mentorship of our experienced nursing staff.

Highlights during the orientation include:

  • Two-week “Tour of Thompson,” where you will gain a system-wide view of our institution
  • Shadowing specialty units such as: OR, APC, OB, DI, and ED
  • A dedicated preceptor on your unit
  • Biweekly meetings with the educational staff to identify personalized needs
  • BLS and Telemetry Certification (ACLS certification if applicable to your unit)

RN Residency Program:

  • Bimonthly meetings with the CNO
  • Hands-on instruction for identifying and creating an evidence-based project for your unit
  • Knowledge of our Professional Advancement System
  • Support in continuing your personal educational goals

FF Thompson Careers

Unity/ RGH

RGH/Unity Opportunities for New Graduates 2020

Career Meeting Hosted by your Near Peer Mentor


Kelli Piehler

All Locations
BSN, RN Associate Director of Talent Acquisition


Lauren Gala

Unity Hospital


Katie Varrenti

All Locations


Ask these recruiters about the:

  • Explore Program
  • ED Fellowship
  • Pediatric Fellowship
RGH Nurse Recruitment Brochure