Student Handbooks, Policies & Procedures

The Office of Education & Student Affairs at the University of Rochester School of Nursing publishes the following handbooks, policies, and procedures for matriculated students. The School of Nursing reserves the right to change, at any time and without notice, any of its degree requirements, policies, course descriptions, and requirements, and any other information contained in these handbooks.

Student Handbook

This handbook is published by the School of Nursing and is designed for use by students, staff and faculty. It includes background information about the school, policies and procedures for all students, information on facilities, resources, and services, and general information about individual programs.

School of Nursing Student Handbook 2021-22


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Student Handbook

This supplement to the Student Handbook includes information about DNP program learning outcomes, curriculum, program milestones, and project development, as well as resources and support for DNP students to enhance the learning experience.

PhD and MS-PhD Student Handbook

This supplement to the Student Hanbook includes information about the PhD in Nursing & Health Practice curriculum, program milestones, registration procedures and requirements, and completing the PhD Dissertation and Dissertation defense.

Admissions Bulletin

The Office of Admissions & Enrollment Management puts together the Admissions Bulletin with information on notice of non-discrimination, holistic admissions, enrollment categories, applying to the University of Rochester School of Nursing, international students, admissions decisions, re-admission, agreements and partnerships, confirmation: setting your intention to enroll, deferrals, addition of academic level, reduction of academic level/change of major, non-matriculated information and transfer credit, compliance, technical standards, FERPA, Center for Lifelong Learning, and Matriculated Student Resources,