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NSG 301 - Writing with Confidence, Clarity, and Style

3 credits ( 3 didactic credits )


This course is designed for students who want to become more effective writers in a variety of genres in order to advance themselves academically and professionally. To facilitate this goal, every step of the academic writing process will be broken down into the following components: assessing the context of the communication, making use of appropriate rhetorical styles, developing critical thinking and reading skills, applying the writing process, and reviewing various writing conventions. Students will also implement the hierarchy of concerns to chronologically address the following writing elements as they make revisions: thesis/focus, development of ideas, organization/rhetorical arrangement, paragraph organization, transitions, sentence-level issues of mechanics and following the APA style guidelines. By the end of the semester, the students will have had multiple opportunities to gain expertise in expressing a clear focused message through revised prose, and this expertise will provide the foundation for effective communication throughout their academic careers and beyond.


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