Course Registration

Beginning Monday, November 7th, matriculated students at the School of Nursing can register for Spring 2023 classes (specific time varies by program and cohort). Registration for non-matriculated students will open Thursday, December 1st. 

Please read through the steps outlined below to register for courses. To access the UR Student portal, you will need your URMC Active Directory and be enrolled in Duo ,the University's two-factor authentication program.

UR Student Course Registration

*Non-matriculated studentsneed to register separately for courses.

Complete Onboarding in UR Student

Each semester prior to registration, you will be directed to follow and complete a set of required actions, known as “Onboarding” in UR Student.  Onboarding is important, as you will need to complete all required actions before registration opens for Spring 2023 courses.

Required onboarding activities can be found in your Inbox in the UR Student system and may include:

  • confirming your contact information
  • signing forms,
  • and reviewing your academic information.

Complete any Required Compliance Requirements

Before registration, continuing/returning students should:

  • Upload proof of annual flu vaccination and health updates (includes COVID vaccinations) to the UHSConnect portal
  • Maintain and update required CPR certification if required for your program

 Questions about compliance can be directed to

Register for Spring 2023 Courses

  1. Review your approved degree plan so that you know which course sections to register for. APNN students will receive an email with courses to register for the first semester.  If you do not have a degree plan by the time registration opens, please contact your advisor. 
  2. Complete ALL onboarding activities if you have not already done so.
  3. Take care of any holds you may have on your account. Holds can be found by clicking on “Academics” icon inside the “Applications” area on the home screen.  Holds on your student account prevent you from performing certain tasks, such as registering for a Course Section. To have the hold lifted, you need to complete a series of actions, but these depend on the type of hold applied. You can view these by following these steps in UR Student If you need assistance with holds, please refer to the details and contact information provide ed for the hold. Likewise, if you are returning from leave you must complete a Return from Leave form prior to registration.
  4. Type “Find Course Sections” in the search bar at the top of the page to find the course(s) you want to register for: 
    • For the “Academic Period” enter “Spring 2023 Nursing”  
    • For the “Academic Level” choose “Graduate” or “Undergraduate” as appropriate   
    • For the “Campus Locations” leave it blank and then click “Ok”  
  5. A list of available courses will appear. Scroll through the list to find your desired course and click on it to ensure it is the correct one.
  6. Click on the “Register” button at the bottom of the screen.
  7. You will receive a screen that indicates that you have successfully registered. On this screen you can see all of your registered courses by clicking on the  “View Registered Courses  button. If you experience an error message while attempting to register, there is an issue that is preventing you from completing your registration. If you are not able to resolve the issue, please contact for assistance.
  8. You can also check on your current course registration by clicking “View My Courses” in the Academics section of your homepage. 
  9. In UR Student, you also have the option to use the “Saved Schedule” feature to help you build your schedule before registration.
    • Please note: if you use this feature, you will still need to return to UR Student after the registration period opens to register for the appropriate courses. Selecting courses for “Saved Schedule” DOES NOT register you for courses. See more on How to Register from a Saved Schedule. 


Reference the UR Student Course Registration Cheat Sheet or watch a video on the UR Student Experience and How to Navigate UR Student. You may also want to reference the School of Nursing Course Schedules or Course Catalog

For details on the preregistration period, how to drop or withdraw from courses, the School of Nursing refund schedule, the continuous enrollment requirement including requesting a leaving of absence and returning from absence, as well as utilizing the University's tuition benefits, see below. 

If you are still having issues, you may c ontact the School of Nursing registrar by emailing or calling (585) 275-8832  OR  (585) 273-1402. 

UR Student Course Registration

Please note: UR Student registration link is for matriculated students enrolled in a degree program only. You are expected to register for the courses on your degree plan. Any deviation from that plan must be approved by your advisor and recorded on the degree plan in your file. *Non-matriculated students will need to register through the Online Prerequisite or Non-matriculated Courses page.


Preregistration Period

Preregistration occurs every semester for the purpose of planning for faculty and space needs for the coming semester. Students are encouraged to register for courses during the preregistration period to assist with this effort. Registration will remain open until the first day of the semester.

  • For the summer semester preregistration is held in April
  • For the fall semester preregistration is held in July
  • For the spring semester preregistration is held in November

If students register for a clinical course less than six weeks before the first class date, it is unlikely that a clinical placement can be arranged that semester.

Dropping/Withdrawing from Courses

Once the semester begins, web registration is closed. Written notification is required to drop a course by downloading and completing the drop/add form or notifying the registrar in writing. Prior to the start of classes, you can drop a class with no penalty. Your account will be refunded the full cost of the course and the course will be completely removed from your academic record. (This does not apply to Online Prerequisite courses.) 

After the course withdrawal deadline, the course remains on the academic record and the course instructor assigns a grade based on the course's usual grading criteria. For courses that do not run the full term, the drop and withdrawal deadlines will be adjusted accordingly.

  • The last day to drop depends on the course start date. If you drop the course it will be completely removed from your academic record. After the deadline to drop a course has passed, you can only withdraw from a course. Contact the SON Registrar's office for details.
  • The last day to withdraw also depends on the course start date. If you withdraw from a course, the course remains on your record. The instructor will assign a grade of WP (passing at time of withdrawal) or WE (failing at time of withdrawal) based on your course performance to date. Contact the SON Registrar's office for details.


Refund Schedule if Dropping/Withdrawing from a Course

Regardless of whether or not you are dropping or withdrawing from a course, after class begins there is a prorated refund schedule in effect that may impact your account.

Please see the School of Nursing's Refund Schedule: Refund Schedule.

This refund policy is applicable to all students including those with University Tuition Waivers, so that those with tuition benefits are then responsible for a balance of the tuition. Please contact the Registrar for drop and withdrawal dates for summer courses or any other course that does not follow the standard fourteen-week semester. For Online Prerequisite courses, there is no refund once you are given access to the course material.

Continuous Enrollment Requirement

Matriculated students must maintain continuous enrollment by registering for at least one course at the University of Rochester each fall and spring semester.

If this is not possible, contact the Registrar's Office, to request a Leave of Absence. Consult your advisor before making this decision. A Leave of Absence Request must be completed.

For students enrolled in more than one program, registering for a course in either program meets the continuous enrollment requirement for both programs.

For students returning from leave, you must complete a Return from Leave Request prior to registration.

University of Rochester Tuition Benefits

Tuition waiver process : Eligible employees should submit their employee tuition waiver application online through HRMS using the path Self Service>Benefits>Tuition>Apply Employee Tuition Waiver. Email with questions.

Courses covered under the University of Rochester 's tuition benefits plan must be completed with a satisfactory grade in order for the course to be paid for by the University. Courses that are not dropped prior to the first day of classes will be paid for by the student according to the School of Nursing's refund schedule.

In addition, taking an incomplete in a course will result in the course not being paid for until the course is complete, late fees and account holds may result. University of Rochester tuition benefits are limited to courses completed within six months after the end of the course.

Please note: If you are utilizing tuition benefits for graduate or non-credit courses, your courses may be taxable. Please visit the Taxability of Employee Tuition Benefits webpage for information to help you determine whether graduate tuition assistance benefits are taxable and how much tax will be withheld from your paycheck.

All School of Nursing courses follow the University of Rochester policy for assignment of credit hours. The university policy is based on US Department of Education and New York State Education Department (NYSED) guidelines. Access the university policy.