Non-Matriculated Students in Skills Lab

Non-Matriculated Courses & Registration

Register for Non-Matriculated Courses

To register for a non-matriculated or online prerequisite course, please follow the steps below. Payment must be received before you are registered and can begin the course. Registration for the Spring 2023 semester opens Dec. 1, 2022 for non-matriculated students.

Register for a Non-Matriculated Course


Step 1: Complete registration form(s)

Create an account (if applicable) and complete necessary registration forms. Payment must be received before you are registered and can begin the course. If approved, you will receive a confirmation email from the registrar. 

Non-Matriculated Registration Forms

Step 2: Prepare to begin your course

If you haven't already, check out the books listed on the course description page. To reference your course start date, see Non-Matriculated Course Schedules or Online Prerequisite Course start dates.

Step 3: Receive confirmation & activate accounts

Once approved for the course, you will receive a confirmation email within 3-5 days. Once received, you will be able to activate your university accounts with your Student ID# and temporary password and enroll in Duo (two-factor authentication). 

Step 4: Complete onboarding in UR Student

Once this is verified, complete onboarding in our student information system, UR Student.

UR Student

Step 5: Start your course

Log in to (Blackboard) to complete your class.



Dropping or Adding Courses

To drop or add a course, you should fill out a drop/add form available from the SON Registrar's Office or for an online course, email the registrar at Please note:

  • See the School of Nursing's refund schedule for information about financial implications of dropping a course. There are no refunds on Online Prerequisite Courses.
  • Courses added after the first day of classes require instructor's permission.
  • Courses dropped after the drop/add deadline will appear on the official transcript as "withdrawn failing" or "withdrawn passing."
  • Courses dropped after the withdrawal deadline will be recorded as "E."

Information for UR Employees

For University tuition benefits policies and forms, visit the tuition benefits homepage. The tuition waiver form alone does not register you for a course; you must still complete the registration process outlined above. Courses covered under the University of Rochester's tuition benefits package must be completed with a satisfactory grade in order for the course to be paid for by the University.

Courses that are not dropped prior to the first day of classes will be paid for by the student according to the University's refund schedule. 

In addition, taking an incomplete in a course will result in the course not being paid for until the course is complete - late fees and account holds may result. UR tuition benefits are limited to courses completed within six months after the end of the course.

Please note: If you are utilizing tuition benefits for graduate or non-credit courses, your courses may be taxable. Please visit the Taxability of Employee Tuition Benefits webpage for information to help you determine whether graduate tuition assistance benefits are taxable and how much tax will be withheld from your paycheck.

Dual Degree in Nursing Students

Course fees for all Online Prerequisite Courses are waived for Dual Degree in Nursing students. If you are registering for an Online Prerequisite Course as a Dual Degree in Nursing student, you will need to email the registrar to register for courses and complete the School of Nursing Scholarship Form. (Costs relating to texts and lab kits required for the courses will not be covered.)