About the Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness supports strategic decision-making and guides day-to-day operations of the dean’s office. In collaboration with School of Nursing leaders and administrators, faculty, and support staff, provides coordination and systematic implementation of School of Nursing academic program and organization-wide evaluation activities that:

  • focus on continuous performance improvement of key processes, with corrective action as needed;
  • provide continuous feedback to stakeholders;
  • and foster organizational learning and knowledge sharing.

Functions of the Office

  1. Coordinates School of Nursing academic program and organization-wide evaluation activities by providing a structure and operating system for the management of key processes that promote organizational excellence and that enable the school to accomplish its mission and achieve strategic goals.
  2. Collaborates by means of interfacing with key individuals and groups in implementing, systematizing, and reporting outcomes of School of Nursing organization-wide evaluation activities that measure organizational performance and monitor for continuous improvement in the following areas.
    • Governance: Commitment to strategic goals, mission, and vision; organizational structure, policies, procedures, and practices
    • Program Development and Management: Modeling unification through excellence in educational programs, professional practice, and research   
    • Human Resource Management: Faculty and staff development, recruitment and retention, diversity initiatives, personnel evaluation, recognition of accomplishments, and grievance and conflict resolution
    • Financial Resource Management: Budget performance, financial management, cost containment, cost reduction, fundraising
    • Engagement of Stakeholders: Identification, involvement, and support of key internal and external stakeholder groups
    • Development of Partnerships: Creation and fostering of formal and informal partnerships with other organizations and community groups
    • Organizational Learning and Knowledge Sharing: Teamwork, information sharing and generation of information that leads to continuous performance improvement
  3. Establishes guidelines for the performance and management of evaluation processes.
  4. Oversees and monitors trended systematic evaluation plan (SEP) outcomes.
  5. Reports data analysis results and associated action plans to School of Nursing groups and leaders.
  6. Reviews congruence between the School of Nursing/URMC Strategic Plans and Office of Institutional Effectiveness functions.
  7. Collaborates with the Dean and Leadership Team in the preparation of materials, planning, and the writing of self-reports for formal academic review processes, such as site visits by representatives of accrediting bodies or other professional reviewers.

Our Team

Kathy Rideout

Kathy H. Rideout, EdD, PPCNP-BC, FNAP

Dean Emerita, School of Nursing
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Ty G. Andrews

Interim Director, Institutional Effectiveness


Rebekah Greene

Rebekah Greene, PhD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing

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Beverly Wilson

Beverly B. Wilson

Program Coordinator