iROC (Redefining Our Classroom) Initiative

Leveraging technology to redefine the School of Nursing classroom and transform nursing education

The iROC (Redefining Our Classroom) Initiative prepares the nurse of tomorrow through enhanced student engagement, ongoing faculty development, and optimization of technology. iroc logo

This initiative began in 2018 to:

  1. shift the classroom experience to more active, hands-on learning

  2. provide a way to revitalize and redefine faculty development through technology

  3. create a dynamic digital landscape which will increase access for a diverse student population and enhance connections to other disciplines and health care systems

For Students

Like the health care industry, technology is constantly changing. Nurses need to be competent in the latest technologies to ensure the best possible care for their patients. As the future of nursing evolves, we are dedicated to fostering digital skills and confidence in technology for nurses and other health care professionals at every educational level. 

The iROC Initiative places a strong emphasis on student learning by providing our students with the tools to critically think and improve clinical judgement. The use of technology across the School of Nursing has expanded in recent years, utilizing iPads, video-conferencing, lecture capture, simulation, and other tools to facilitate learning.

For Faculty

The iROC Initiative also seeks to provide professional development for faculty to enhance faculty-student interaction. Faculty will receive real-time feedback to assess their effectiveness and may take advantage of support, development, and design services for optimal course development and delivery.

Contact our Education Innovation team to learn more about how you can move toward a more active learning environment.