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Erin Baylor in control room window with simulation mannequin


Creating powerful learning experiences for nurses through simulation. 

Simulation at the School of Nursing connects the classroom to real-life clinical experiences. Students access valuable learning opportunities without putting patients at risk, while also having the freedom to make mistakes and learn from those experiences with close guidance from clinical instructors.

Simulation Exercises

Our simulation exercises help students build confidence in their clinical skills while preparing them to make quick decisions in a fast-paced environment.



Objective Structured Clinical Examinations give NP students an opportunity to demonstrate what they've learned in class and clinical rotations.

Watch Video about OSCEs
Poverty Simulation

Poverty Simulation

The poverty simulation allows future nurses to experience what it is like to live as part of a low-income family.

Learn more about Poverty Simulation
Vertical Expansion

Vertical Expansion

The vertical expansion features 26,000 square feet of experiential learning and student-centered spaces.

Learn more about Vertical Expansion

Simulation Team

Our simulation experts work closely with nursing instructors to build real-life clinical experiences.

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