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Vertical Expansion Helps Transform Nursing Education

Vertical Expansion Helps Transform Nursing Education

The School of Nursing is committed to transforming nursing education as an Apple Distinguished School. The vertical expansion — completed in Spring 2022 — features 26,000 square feet of experiential learning and student-centered spaces. Here, instructors and students can engage in real-life learning opportunities to better improve the health and well-being of people around the world.

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Skills Lab

The new skills lab represents a significant increase in size and features 20 bays, including 15 patient beds, five patient exam tables, and a critical care system with a patient lift. The center of the room features an educational area with two 70” monitors, student cubbies, and tables.

Simulation Rooms

Four simulation rooms feature high-fidelity SimMen with patient beds, a patient monitoring system, and a one-way mirrored window for observation from the control room. Instructors control the simulation via SimIQ technology and can augment the simulation by communicating directly with the students. Once a simulation is complete, SimIQ technology allows for immediate review.

Experiential Learning Rooms (ELRs)

Experiential Learning Rooms (ELRs) serve as multi-functional instructional rooms. Each of the eight rooms feature an exam table covered by the SimIQ video capture system. The center of each room has movable tables where students can sit while teachers cast the lesson from their iPads to TV monitors equipped with Apple TV. ELRs operate independently as well as interdependently as each room is connected via sliding glass doors.

Clinical Learning Rooms (CLRs)

Clinical Learning Rooms (CLRs) enhance the realism around standardized patient and clinical nursing student interactions. Each of the four CLRs has an exam table with the SimIQ suite of video capture technology and a one-way mirrored window for observation. Across the hall from these rooms is a lounge for the standardized patient to get ready and enter from the appointed door. The clinical nursing student enters from the opposite door, making the interaction more realistic to a provider’s office or hospital exam room.

Clinical Learning Rooms (CLRs)

Extended Reality Rooms (XR)

Extended Reality Rooms (XR)

The two XR rooms will accommodate alternate reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) technology. AR and VR technologies encourages greater practice time and hands on-experience in a safe environment with instant feedback.

Student Lounge & Spaces

Student study and lounge spaces are built throughout the three floors. The fourth floor has a multi-purposed theme, dedicated to student lounge space with some creature comforts while also allowing the school extra space for student instruction and faculty meetings.

Student Lounge Spaces
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