Accelerated Master's Program for Non-Nurses

Academics and Curriculum

The AMPNN is designed for motivated students who already have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree, know what specialty they would like to pursue, and have significant health care experience in that specialty area. Once admitted to the program, you’ll be accepted to a nurse practitioner specialty program. At the UR School of Nursing, you can choose from five specialty areas:

The AMPNN consists of two programs:

Bachelor’s degree portion: You’ll earn your bachelor’s degree in a one-year generalist component in the Accelerated Bachelor’s program (see ABPNN Academics and Curriculum) and become eligible for professional registered nurse licensing examinations.

Master’s degree portion: After graduating from the ABPNN and passing the NCLEX, you’ll earn a master’s degree in an advanced practice component (see specialties above for curriculum details).  Please note: For the pediatric and acute care specialties, there is a practice requirement of one year as an RN between the bachelor's and master’s clinical coursework.