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APNN Fuld Scholars 2014-2015

Ma. Melita M. Hebert

I grew up in the Philippines where I did my undergrad (BS Biology) and postgrad studies. In 2001, I came to visit my family in New York City. I was offered a practice administrator position in an internal medicine clinic and was subsequently given a working visa. Then, I met my wonderful (future) husband, got married and moved here to Rochester. I see myself becoming a nurse practitioner in gerontology or family practice. My husband & I have 2 rescued retired greyhounds and some bonsai.

Kaschief Johnson

Along the path to Rochester, I worked for several years in France, where I had the fortunate experience of helping young students develop competency in English. It had nothing to do with my degree in Politics, but it was a helpful opportunity to discover that I wanted to always have a career that enables me to tangibly and positively contribute to someone else. My academic interest is to complete a degree in advanced nursing, and my professional interest is to research novel ways to increase access to public health care, at lower costs. I like to travel to new places, cook inventive meals, read, dance, and make silly jokes with my friends. I am happy to join the U of R and I look forward to sharing in a fantastic year with everyone.

Danielle Pasqualucci:

I grew up in Rochester, NY and attended Syracuse University for my undergraduate work. I completed a Masters degree in education and taught briefly. I would like to become a pediatric nurse in the relatively near future. I work at Strong Memorial Hospital outside of school and spend time with my husband and son. I look forward to meeting everyone!

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