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Prerequisite Reimbursement Scholarship

As a means of supporting future accelerated nursing students and address rising financial costs, the University of Rochester School of Nursing is thrilled to announce the Prerequisite Reimbursement Scholarship Program.

The reimbursement scholarship will cover the total tuition costs of prerequisite courses completed at UR Nursing for students who are applying to the Summer 2023 and Fall 2023 cohorts for the 12-Month Accelerated Bachelor's in Nursing Program.

UR Nursing's accelerated programs offer a direct pathway for college graduates with a non-nursing bachelor's degree to enter the nursing profession. Before beginning the program, students must complete 21-24 credits of general and natural science-based prerequisite courses. All required courses are offered by the University of Rochester in an online, self-paced format.

The Prerequisite Scholarship covers tuition costs for prerequisite courses taken at UR Nursing in the year prior to being accepted. Eligible students will receive the scholarship (applied to tuition bill) during the second semester of the program and upon successful completion and satisfaction of the following conditions:

  • This benefit will only be applied to tuition costs related to the 1-credit labs and 3-credit courses taken at the UR School of Nursing
  • Student must be admitted to the program in the Summer 2023 or Fall 2023 cohorts and confirm their intention to enroll
  • Students must provide proof of successful course completion by required deadlines

See details about how to complete prerequisite requirements or apply to the 12-Month Accelerated Bachelor's in Nursing program.

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