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Elaine C. Hubbard Center for Nursing Research on Aging

The Elaine C. Hubbard Center for Nursing Research on Aging serves as a central hub to advance research on preventing and managing chronic illness, and ensuring healthy aging, in older adults.

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About the Hubbard Center for Aging

The Hubbard Center for Nursing Research on Aging provides pivotal linkages between School of Nursing faculty researchers, nurses, other collaborating health care providers, and the community to foster partnerships around common aging-related research interests. The Center also strives to facilitate collaboration with community leaders serving underrepresented groups to foster and increase aging-related and older adults health disparities research.

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Our Recent and Active Research

Promoting Social Connections

Funded by the National Institute on Aging, the Rochester Roybal Center for Social Ties & Aging Research is developing innovative ways to promote social connections of older adults caring for a family member with dementia.

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Developing Deprescribing Interventions

Developing a pragmatic, home health-based telehealth-facilitated deprescribing intervention for older adults with multimorbidity and polypharmacy.

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Improving Stress & Well-Being

Testing the effectiveness of interventions to improve older adults’ stress adaptation and emotional well-being, and slow immune system aging, including interventions for family caregivers such as cognitive training and mindfulness. 

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Slowing Cognitive Decline

Discovering novel, behavioral approaches to slow cognitive decline in older adults at risk for dementia and promote healthy cognitive aging.

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News & Stories

Kathi L. Heffner, PhD

Kathi L. Heffner, PhD

Director, Elaine C. Hubbard Center for Nursing Research on Aging
Associate Chief of Research, URMC Division of Geriatrics and Aging
Professor of Nursing, Medicine, and Psychiatry

Heffner's research centers on how psychosocial and behavioral factors affect physiological stress adaptation and the immune system. In particular, she is interested in the implications of stress for healthy aging; the influence of sleep on stress physiology and clinical symptoms, including chronic pain and trauma-related symptomatology; and the role of social relationships in stress and health links. Her work has been supported by multiple organizational, NIH and other federally funded grants.

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