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Cancer patient speaking the nurse researcher with white coat.

Rochester Oncology Nursing Research

UR Nursing scientists seek to address the adverse effect of cancer on patients and their families to facilitate coping and improve quality of life.

About ROC ON 

Nurses bring a different perspective to the complex world of cancer research — one that focuses on patient experiences and quality of life. The Rochester Oncology Nursing Research group (ROC ON) seeks to improve care for people living with cancer across the lifespan. Central to this goal is addressing the growing inequities that persist in cancer care. We are committed to conducting inclusive research with diverse groups in a variety of areas, including preventive care for people with high-risk factors, symptom science, intervention development, palliative and end-of-life care.

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Supporting Patients & Families Impacted by Cancer Genetics

A member of Cancer Control and Prevention and a nurse practitioner at the Wilmot Cancer Institute, Meghan Underhill-Blazey has dedicated her career to understanding the experiences of and improving care for individuals and families living with inherited cancer risk. Her program of research focuses on building and implementing clinical innovations that transform the focus of cancer genetics from an illness model to a wellness-focused model that directly responds to the needs of individuals and families.

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Nursing Research at Wilmot Cancer Institute

In a collaborative effort, Wilmot Cancer Institute and the University of Rochester School of Nursing support nurse-initiated research programs through the development of the Oncology Nurse Scientist Partnership. Led by PhD-level nurses with advanced training in research principles and methodology, the partnership is aimed at advancing oncology research. The scientists also act as mentors for direct care nurse-led research.

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Interested in pursuing research at the University of Rochester School of Nursing? Connect with us to discuss postdoctoral and tenure-track faculty opportunities.

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