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Interdisciplinary Sexual Health & HIV Research

Researchers at the University of Rochester School of Nursing seek to advance sexual health and HIV science that has an impact on ending the HIV epidemic nationally and globally.

Members of the INSHHR group meeting at a table.

About the INSHHR Group

The Interdisciplinary Sexual Health & HIV Research (INSHHR) group was formed in 2014 by School of Nursing clinical and research faculty, postdocs, and PhD students. The INSHHR group leverages investigator diversity, creativity, experience, and skills across multiple disciplines to increase innovation, productivity, and impact in the conduct of research aimed at improving sexual health and HIV-related outcomes with a focus on marginalized and vulnerable populations.

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Latest INSHHR Updates

Remembering HIV/AIDS Advocate Hydeia Broadbent

INSHHR wants to express our deep condolences and gratitude to Ms. Hydeia Broadbent, who was a fierce advocate for long-term survivorship among people living with HIV. She was born with HIV, during a time when the advances we now see were not yet employed. She was a beacon of light and hope in the HIV world and her presence will always be felt as we continue to do research on prevention, care, treatment, and a cure.

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Portrait of activist Hydeia Broadbent
Natalie Leblanc, PhD, MPH, RN, BSN

Natalie Leblanc, PhD, MPH, RN, BSN

Chair, Interdisciplinary Sexual Health and HIV Research (INSHHR) group
Harriet J. Kitzman Endowed Fellow in Health Disparities
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Natalie Leblanc has a 20-year career in public health, nursing, and health research. Her work investigates the ecological, cultural, and systemic factors (social determinants of health) that influence health and wellness outcomes. As a former public health specialist, Leblanc is able to critically assess health issues from both public health and clinical perspectives — globally and domestically. As a nurse researcher, Leblanc seeks to address and investigate determinants of health disparity, assets within these factors that can be leveraged toward achieving health equity to inform intervention implementation.



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