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Equity for Parent-Child, Adolescent, and Transgenerational Health Research

The EmPATH (Equity for Parent-Child, Adolescent, and Transgenerational Health) group conducts inclusive research to improve health from pregnancy through adolescence and young adulthood. Our work focuses on health promotion, minimization of risk, and lifestyle interventions that have an effect throughout the lifespan.

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About EmPATH Research

The EmPATH group believes in the holistic care of individuals throughout the lifespan, beginning with pregnancy. Whether our research lens is genomic, nutritional, big data, or assessment-oriented, our researchers are making clinical and scientific advancements through innovative, rigorous, person-centered research.

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Areas of Research

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Pregnancy, Peripartum

Stemming from the belief of the developmental origins of disease, our research acknowledges that the health of birthing people and children in the long-term is impacted by modifiable and non-modifiable factors before, during, and after conception.

An Infant lying on her back and looking at her mother

Childhood, Adolescence & Young Adulthood

We acknowledge that health is not solely the absence of disease. As such, our research and advocacy efforts target risk, prevention, and maintenance of disease across physical and mental health topics from birth through young adulthood.

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