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Information Technology Services (ITS) at the School of Nursing offers equipment, software, facilities, and training to support faculty and staff.

Manage your accounts, request a conference room, or learn more about IT Services available below.

For further assistance:

Help Desk: 585-275-7500
Email: SON ITS Help

Using Remote Desktop to connect to you PC

Remote Desktop via Citrix Tools / Website

Citrix is a new alternative to using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN tool that helps keep the URMC network more secure. It has a few different steps – if you are used to using the old Cisco VPN for Remote Desktop, you can start at step 10.

1. On your SON PC that you want to remote into, find the ‘This PC’ icon on your desktop

2. Right click on ‘This PC’ and then click on properties

3. Click on Remote Settings

4. Click on Select Users

5. In the list of remote desktop users, look for URMC-SH\SON_VPN

  1. IF you don’t see that user there, click on add
  2. In the text box under where it says “Enter the object names to select” type or copy/paste ‘URMC-SH\SON_VPN‘ (NO APOSTROPHES)
  3. Click check names
  4. If the name underlines, it is correct -- click ok
  5. If the name does NOT underline, then it’s incorrectly typed and you should retype/copy and paste again.
  6. You should now see URMC-SH\SON_VPN on the list of remote desktop users

6. Go back to the ‘This PC’ icon on your desktop

7. Right click on ‘This PC’ and then click properties

8. In the center, 3rd section down, it shows your computer name. Write that down (NOT the full computer name) – you’ll need it later.

9. DO NOT TURN YOUR WORK PC OFF. If your work PC is off, you will not be able to access it remotely.

10. On your Laptop/remote machine, open up Internet Explorer or Chrome

11. Go to

12. Enter your AD Credentials. (computer login username and password)

  1. Use your Duo two step authentication to verify your identity

13. This will bring you to the URMC Extranet

14. On the left you will see five blue buttons, click on the one that says ‘URMC Virtual Desktop’

15. This will pop up another tab asking you to login

  1. Login using your AD credentials (computer login username and password)

16. It will prompt another Duo credential check.

17. The next screen will show you the a screen with some of our remote apps

18. Click on RDP Client

19. A pop-up will appear that will ask you for a computer name

  1. Type in your work computer name

20. A pop up will appear, the top option should your name with a blank text bar under it

21. Type your computer login password in that box

22. Click ok – you should now see your virtual desktop.

Note that if you disconnect from Remote Desktop, your computer will stay active and working. You can remote back into it and pick up where you left off. If you inadvertently shut off your work computer, please put in a ticket to SONHelp (or call 585-275-7500).

Accounts & Passwords:
Remote Access:
  1. Remote Access requires URMC Duo
    • You can set this up from an on-campus computer at
    • Otherwise, call the ISD Help Desk at 585-275-3200, option 3, and request a Duo Setup
  2. If you have a work-provided (managed) laptop, you can use Cisco AnyConnect VPN, which is installed automatically
  3. If you are using a personally owned computer, here are the tools you can use:
UR Remote Access VPN : (Not needed for most faculty/staff, unless there are River Campus, CIRC needs)
Map a Drive:

At the School of Nursing, most people have access to G Public and their H Personal Home Drive. To map an additional drive request help or learn how to map a drive on a windows or mac computer.

Box Cloud Storage:
Email Support:

Lecture Capture
Zoom Video and Web Conferencing
Office 365
  • Faculty and staff can download Microsoft Office on up to five computers or devices, either University or personally owned.

ITS Assistance

Helpdesk: 275-7500 (x5-7500)

Computer/iPad support and questions:


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