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Research Projects


Positive Deviance and Health Literacy: Underexplored Constructs for Successful Translational Science

Dates: 7/1/2023 - 6/30/2024


Role: James McMahon, PhD : Mentor
Principal Investigator: Lindsay Batek

(1) explore each of the core domains that comprise health literacy including knowledge, competence, motivation, access, understanding, appraisal, and application of health information as well as societal, situational, and personal determinants as they relate to successful access to SRHC services; (2) identify strategies used by RMAYW to attain sexual and reproductive health literacy (SRHL) and access to SRHC; (3) develop recommendations or guidelines to integrate health literacy into existing implementation and translational science frameworks using the positive deviance approach to identify strategies to overcome poor health literacy especially among health disparate groups.

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