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Street Outreach

A student-run, volunteer organization serving the Rochester homeless community

Street Outreach members at Peace Village

Street Outreach is an organization dedicated to building in-roads into vulnerable populations and educating future physicians and nurses on the issues faced by these populations, while providing basic health screening services for the homeless community in Rochester.

Who We Are

We are a group of students from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and the School of Nursing aimed to bridge the gap between the health care system and people experiencing homelessness in Rochester.

What We Do

The homeless population is often marginalized by the health care system and we are using our resources, skills, and time in order to better serve them. We aim to provide medical, social, and any other type of care within our abilities as students to best connect to and empower a vulnerable group of people here in Rochester.

St Joe's

This includes:

Outreach - working to build trust among a population often marginalized by the medical system.

Education - facilitating conversations in a space of empathy and cultural humility to educate students about challenges, resources, and social movements important to the population we aim to serve. Providing training on naloxone to prevent deaths form overdose.

Medical Assistance - serving as a bridge to needed health care, working to provide information, basic first aid, emotional support, assistance with screening, transportation, and other resources including food, clothing and other day-to-day essentials.

Get Involved

Current students interested in participating in Street Outreach should connect with student members:

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