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Request to Add, Drop, Withdraw Courses

Once the semester begins, online course registration is closed. Prior to the start of classes, you can drop a class with no penalty. Your account will be refunded the full cost of the course and the course will be completely removed from your academic record. (This does not apply to Online Prerequisite courses.)

Notification is required to drop a course by completing the Drop/Add Form.

Drop/Add form

After the course withdrawal deadline, the course remains on the academic record and the course instructor assigns a grade based on the course's usual grading criteria. For courses that do not run the full term, the drop and withdrawal deadlines will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Last Day to Drop: Depends on the course start date. If you drop the course it will be completely removed from your academic record. After the deadline to drop a course has passed, you can only withdraw from a course.
  • Last Day to Withdraw: Depends on the course start date. If you withdraw from a course, the course remains on your record. The instructor will assign a grade of WP (passing at time of withdrawal) or WE (failing at time of withdrawal) based on your course performance to date.

Contact the School of Nursing registrar for details at

Refund Schedule & Policy

Regardless of whether or not you are dropping or withdrawing from a course, after class begins there is a prorated refund schedule in effect that may impact your account.

Current UR Nursing Refund Policy

UR Nursing Refund Policy Effective Fall 2023

This refund policy is applicable to all students including those with University Tuition Waivers, so that those with tuition benefits are then responsible for a balance of the tuition. Please contact the Registrar for drop and withdrawal dates for summer courses or any other course that does not follow the standard fourteen-week semester. For Online Prerequisite courses, there is no refund once you are given access to the course material.

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